Enterprise VoIP Solutions
    April 17, 2014 Business 0 comments

    Hosted PBX is one of the next generation technology to be for any small and medium-sized businesses to have an enterprise class telephone system without huge investments in telecom infrastructure. Hosted PBX providers apply all your customization as per your business needs with all feature rich IP PBX advantages including your VoIP services all from […]

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    May 4, 2013 Business 1 comment

    VoIP is a revolutionary technology that has prospective to completely rework the world’s existing phone systems. VoIP is essentially a reinvention of the wheel in telecom industry and eventually would replace the traditional phone system entirely one day, just like the transformation from postal letter to email communication. So it is inevitable to resist not […]

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    Cloud Generation has emerged with fast moving SaaS (Software as a service) model to minimize the risk, Zero maintenance with experts manage servers and get all latest updates as per the trend with no additional cost. Most of the companies are already migrated their servers like email, CRM, Accounts, VoIP, e-Fax, sales force etc., they […]

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    VoIP phones can be simple software-based softphones or purpose-built hardware devices that appear much like an ordinary telephone or a cordless phone. Traditional PSTN phones are used as VoIP phones with analog telephone adapters (ATA). All IP telephony requires Internet access to make or receive calls. Like other network devices can be subjected to denial-of-service […]

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